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Damaged MOV Video File Fixer



Repair MOV File

If you are a Macintosh computer user and use to enjoy MOV videos on the Quick Time player then really you are enjoying the best quality videos on the best OS environment. However, it may be very disappointing for you when you observe your favorite MOV files not playing as earlier. MOV file shows such unexpected behavior after it gets corrupt due to several unexpected reasons like file header corruption, virus infection, incompatibility with media player, improper file compression operation, file transfer error etc. After such undesired data crisis, you need to fix MOV file to make it playable and to accomplish this task, it requires an efficient file repair tool. For this purpose, you must prefer Repair MOV software, which specially designed for fixing MOV file related corruption issues.

Before continuing to repair process, you must have a look on possible situations on which you may face such critical file corruption scenarios. First, very common factor responsible for the damaging MOV file is, use of this file with the incompatible media player. When you try to play or synchronize a MOV file with the Window Media Player or with other media players, which do not support the MOV file format, it makes the MOV file damage. A file header contains the essential components of a file such as file size, file type, file creation date etc. If a file header gets corrupt due to abrupt system shutdown or other logical reasons, it makes the MOV file inaccessible or damage. Bad sectors on hard drive also results in damaging the MOV file as it leads to corrupt file header or damage file system structure. After such critical data crisis, you can easily fix corrupted MOV files by employing Repair MOV software.

Sometime, the MOV file can be damaged due to abrupt file transfer process. Actually, when you attempt to transfer the MOV file, any type of interruption like sudden power surge, abrupt termination of file transfer operation etc. may lead to damaging the file. Apart from this, if you have deleted a file and trying to recover that file using a recovery tool, a small error may result in damaging that recovered file after that you need to repair that damaged file. Virus infection to the MOV file can also lead to damaging the file. Hard drive crash due to some physical reasons or logical reasons may lead to make the MOV file inaccessible or damaged. Any type of interruption during file compression operation can also result in damaged or broken file. However, you can repair broken files effortlessly using this Repair MOV software.

The Repair MOV software is designed with advanced technology to facilitates Mac users to fix MOV files on Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and on other Mac computers. It repairs the damaged MOV file by separating audio stream and video stream of damage file. After repairing both data streams, software combines these streams to transform into a single playable file. The software performs repairing process by creating a replica of damaged MOV file to insure integrity of damaged file data.So, if your MOV file that using H264 codec is corrupted, follow this link to fix it easily: https://www.repairmov.com/h264.html

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (64-bit), Lion 10.7 (64-bit)

Follow These Steps to Repair MOV files:

Step a: On main window, click "Open" to select the damage MOV file for repair process, and then click "Repair" button as illustrated in Fig a.

Repair Damaged MOV - Open Damage MOV File

Fig a: Open Damage MOV File

Step b: As you click on "Repair" option, the repairing process gets start and progress can be viewed, as shown in Fig b.

Repair MOV File- File Repairing Process

Fig b: File Repairing Process

Step c: Select " Preview repaired file" to preview repired MOV file before saving and use "Save repaired file" option to save the file, as shown in Fig c.

Repairing Damaged MOV - Repaired Mov File Preview

Fig c: Preview Repaired Mov File

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (64-bit), Lion 10.7 (64-bit)