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Repair MOV on MacBook Air



Fix MOV Video File on MacBook Air

You may often find that some of the MOV files that were playable earlier are now not getting played with any music player including the QuickTime player on your MacBook Air machine. The reason for this miserable behavior of MOV video files is the corruption in a catalog file, which is necessary for proper storing & management of files & folders on Mac systems. A broken catalog file damages the header of MOV file making it unplayable on MacBook Air laptops. To solve this problem, if you are thinking of getting any freeware for MOV file repair, you are making the matter even worse as some of these freewares may further corrupt your video file. If you are serious about repairing the damaged video file, you must use this efficient tool to fix damaged MOV file in any scenario responsible for corrupting a video file on a MacBook Air laptop.

The fix MOV tool has the potential to fix MOV video files of any size and even the highly encrypted files. Any MOV file consists of audio & video streams, and when any of these streams get corrupt, it results in a MOV file becoming unreadable. This much-applauded fix tool extracts both audio & video streams from the damaged MOV file to fix them separately and later generates a new MOV video file with the repaired streams. In this way, the software guarantees complete file repair without damaging further a single bit of your original MOV file. The software is developed to work on 64-bit Mac operating system and supports MOV file repair on Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and other Mac OS X versions. One can preferable make use of this software to fix choppy MOV video files that plays with sound but no video, delay in audio, video but no sound, etc. on computers running Mac or Windows operating systems.

Your MOV files get damaged as a consequence of various factors that also include a faulty camcorder firmware. When you capture any video using a camcorder or digital camera with faulty firmware, there are possibilities of file getting damaged and eventually not playing on your MacBook Air device. MOV files also get corrupt due to bad ZIP archive used to compress the video files. When you unknowingly make use of a corrupt ZIP archive to compress a large MOV file in order to attach it along with an email, you cannot disprove a fact that your MOV file may get damaged during the compression process. Improperly ejecting the data cable of your digital camera or camcorder from the MacBook Air also result in a damaged MOV file.

If you are using an external device that malfunctions due to corruption, for storing or transferring a MOV file, you may unintentionally damaging a video file through a corrupt external device that may be a memory card, USB drive or external hard disk drive. In all these mentioned instances, you can preferably make use of this software to fix QuickTime MOV video file that fails to play with QuickTime & other music players on your MacBook Air machine. This iPhone MOV file repair tool can also be used to fix iPhone MOV file that gets corrupted while trying to restore iTunes when the latter fails to recognize your iPhone.

How to Recognize a Damaged MOV file on MacBook Air ?

When you get the following messages after trying to play a MOV file, you should understand that the video file is corrupt & you should immediately make use of this fix MOV utility:

  • “Format not Supported”
  • “Cannot Play File”
  • “The movie could not be opened. This file is not a movie file.”
  • “Error – 2048: Couldn’t open the file because it is not a file that QuickTime understands”

Follow the steps explained below to fix MOV file on MacBook Air :

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (64-bit), Lion 10.7 (64-bit)

Step A : After launching the repair tool, you need to provide the location of MOV file by clicking “Open”. Later, click “Repair” to initialize the repair process, as illustrated in Fig A.

Fix MOV File on MacBook Air - Browse Damaged MOV File

Fig A: Open a MOV File

Step B : On the next window, check the progress of repair process, as illustrated in Fig B. You can click “Cancel” at any time to cancel the file repair.

Fix MOV File on MacBook Air - Repair Process progress

Fig B: Details of Repair Process

Step C : The software facilitates you to “Preview repaired file” before you save it using “Save repaired file”, as illustrated in Fig C.

Fix MOV File on MacBook Air - MOV Video Preview

Fig C: Preview Repaired Mov Video

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (64-bit), Lion 10.7 (64-bit)