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H264 MOV Video Repair

H264 is a modern standard to compress large size video file. It is developed to scale the video very well at high resolution and to deliver good quality video in a low bit rates. This file format has broad application on internet streaming operation, various digital camera and HDTV broadcasting with almost lossless coding. Though H264 MOV offers a good quality video, they are also prone to corruption or can be damaged. To repair a corrupted MOV file containing H264 codec, you should always use an effective repair tool. Repair MOV is one of the best applications that can fix H264 MOV file in simple steps. You can use this application easily on severely corrupted MOV video file and get satisfied outcome after repair operation.

There are plenty of reasons behind corruption of H264 MOV file. Prior to fix H264 MOV file we should know some common reasons of H264 codec file corruption.

Damaged File Header: Header of any file contains important data about that file and it is used by the OS to access the file. If due to any reason the header of the H264 codec is corrupted, it will not be accessible.  After that, if that MOV file is not playing with media player, use this prominent utility to fix H264 MOV file. To get more help in repair process, use this link: www.repairmov.com/file-not-playing.html

Virus Infection: Some virus programs are so powerful to change the structure of H264 codec on your system. If such dangerous viruses like Trojan horse, Malware etc, infect your MOV file, it may be damaged.

Incorrect Compression of MOV Files: If your important MOV file is compressed through H264 codec improperly, there is a pretty chance of corruption. Additionally, if you use an ordinary tool to compress a large size file, then also it results in MOV file corruption. But, you can repair corrupted MOV file easily using this Repair MOV application.

Improper Plug & Play Procedure: Sometimes, H264 MOV file on camcorder storage device is corrupted because of improper plug and play procedure. If you abruptly remove your memory card during file transfer process, the chance of file corruption increases pretty more. Then, this MOV repair application is most appropriate to fix that MOV file.

Apart from these reasons, you may lose access to H264 MOV file because of improper file download, bad sector on the drive etc. After that, your MOV file becomes unplayable in Quick Time player. Irrespective of these reasons, you can employ this effective tool to fix H264 MOV file. This application uses special algorithm to repair audio and video streams separately and then rejoin them to make a healthy file. You can use this program to fix corrupted and damaged MOV or MP4 file on almost all versions of Mac OS. Besides H264 codec format, it also supports all other codec formats used in well-known brands of camcorders. You can use this application to fix MOV file that is not playable on iMac, iPhone and other media devices. If you face any complexity in repair process, just click on this link: https://repairmov.com/mend-unplayable-mov.html

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (64-bit), Lion 10.7 (64-bit)

Follow the Given Steps to Fix H264 MOV File:

Step 1: Install and launch Repair MOV software on your system. Then, use "Open" option to select corrupted MOV file and click on "Repair" button as shown in fig 1.

Fix H264 MOV File - Welcome Screen

Fig 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2: After selection of corrupt MOV, it will start repair operation.

Repair H264 MOV File - Repair Process

Fig 2: Repair Process

Step 3: After completion of repair process you can preview your MOV file using "Preview Repaired File" option.

Repair Corrupt H.264 Video - Preview Repaired MOV File

Fig 3: Preview Repaired MOV File

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (64-bit), Lion 10.7 (64-bit)