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How to Repair Corrupt MOV File?



Is your precious MOV video file corrupted? Don't worry! Here's a Free MOV Repair Software that can repair corrupt MOV file in three simple steps..!

You may often observe that some of your MOV files are not playable with any of the video file playing programs including QuickTime player on your Macintosh machine. This happens when the header of a MOV file is broken as a consequence of some sort of corruption in your Mac hard drive. In case of minimal damage, you can use any freeware to fix MOV file. But if the MOV files get damaged severely, then it is always advisable not to use any free software, as such softwares  may further corrupt your MOV file header. In such miserable situations, Video MOV file repair tool is the most trusted & also the efficient software that can repair MOV video file of any size and also the one that is compressed to save the disk space. This software can fix damaged MOV files that refuse to play on Macintosh machines.

This repair tool facilitates you to repair the corrupt MOV video files on 64-bit Mac OS X editions including Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, etc. When you provide the location of corrupt MOV file to this software, it only reads from the source file and extracts both audio & video streams from the file. The repair software, then, repairs these streams and adjoins them to place in a newly created MOV file that is free of any type of corruption. Thus, there are no chances of further damage to the source MOV file. This is the reason for which the repair tool is preferred over other third-party repair softwares for MOV files.

So, when can you make use of this award-winning utility ? It can be used in various instances when your MOV file gets corrupted, the most common reason for a broken MOV file is the faulty camcorder firmware. When you use a camcorder with a firmware that is faulty to capture the videos & pictures, it leads to MOV file getting corrupted. So, when you try to play this corrupt file on your QuickTime player, you may encounter some video errors like “Format not supported”, “Cannot play file”,etc and eventually you cannot play the file. When you face this type of problem, our QuickTime MOV repair tool is the best option to salvage your data, as it can comfortably repair MOV QuickTime video file.

On Mac computers, catalog file plays an important part in proper management of files & folders. Sometimes, this catalog file gets damaged when you shut down your computer improperly or when some of the system files malfunctions. This catalog file corruption damages the file header of your MOV video file, thus making it unplayable on any type of video file playing applications. The MOV files also get corrupted when you eject the data cable of your camcorder from the computer during the transfer of video files. If the external storage device used for storing a MOV file malfunctions, this results in video file getting damaged.

So, as mentioned previously, you have to make use of this repair MOV software in any of these scenarios & make your files playable. This software can fix various video file formats including MOV, mp4, MPEG, etc and it can also perform MOV file repair on iPhone when iTune fails to recognize iPhone and you try to restore iTune, making some of the MOV files unplayable. You can utilize this software to repair damaged MOV file on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac & several other Mac computers.

Instructions to repair corrupt MOV file:

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (64-bit), Lion 10.7 (64-bit)

Step a: Click “Open” to select the MOV file for repair process, and then click “Repair” as illustrated in Fig a.

Repair Corrupt MOV File - Open Corrupt MOV File to Repair

Fig a: Open Corrupt MOV File

Step b: The repair process gets initialized and progress can be viewed, as shown in Fig b.

Repair Corrupt MOV File - Scan Process in progress

Fig b: File Repair Process Details

Step c: Select “Preview repaired file” to preview the file before saving it using “Save repaired file”, as shown in Fig c.

Repair Corrupt MOV File - Preview Repaired Mov File

Fig c: Preview Mov File

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (64-bit), Lion 10.7 (64-bit)